Biking In and Around Lansing

What Is The MRT?

The views along Lansing Iowa\'s Riverfront are incredible and easily traversed by bicycle. If you are looking for a longer trip with great scenery, I would suggest a bike ride along the MRT.

In all, the MRT or Mississippi River Trail as it is formally known is a bike friendly trail that extends from the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca, MN along The River down to the Gulf of Mexico which is 3000 miles. The trail is denoted by these distinct signs that mark the way.

In 2010, Highway #26 that leads north out of Lansing Iowa along The River and up to New Albin was repaved and widened with an easement to accommodate bicycle traffic. The views are tremendous and generally speaking, the traffic is automobiles and motorcycles as the truckers opt for less curvy roads as can be found along the Wisconsin side of The River. This aspect combined with the new road and terrific scenery makes this stretch of the MRT very bicycle friendly- bring your bike and give it a try!

The entire map of the MRT is shown below courtesy of the MRT website.

Bike Safely.

Before you start off on the trail it\'s important for cars to be able to tell where you are and for less than $10 here is a great gadget that will brighten up your presence on the road. If you have kids that are often biking at night, this device is a must-have! Click the picture for details.