Frank Ebersold's Carvings

Local Artist: Frank Ebersold and The American Seasons Carved Collection

Frank Ebersold specializes in carving most things that have to do with Christmas, Halloween and Spring!  Frank's creations encompass the American Seasons with ornaments such as his 'Petal Head' ornaments done in styles from Coneflower to Pink Cosmos. For truly unique ornaments you can see more examples like the one below on his website. Cone Flower Petal Head

Frank is a self taught carver that creates his designs to scale on paper and then transfers the design to a basswood block where he will begin the process of removing excess wood by hand with sharp tools. This process continues until the original design has emerged. An example of this process is shown on the right.

This carving is about 11" tall and was carved in one piece and is one of Frank's trademark Santa's standing on four presents with carved bows.

Frank has extended the American Seasons Collection to include pieces cast in a stone resin process and then hand painted using the same methods as the carved pieces. This allows Frank to create affordable art that is truly unique!

For more details visit The American Seasons Collection by Frank Ebersold here.